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  • A Prayer to the Whirlwind

A Prayer to the Whirlwind

Maria D'Souza


North American Bison

25 x 26 x 10 in.


About the Artwork

The main focal stone is a highly polished, green druzy cabochon encircled with layered beading and set upon an aged, distressed, leather, which is also incorporated throughout the piece. Complimenting this design is also 4 round cabochons of Chrysocolla and Azurite, a variety of seed beads, Bali silver findings, and brass beading. The piece is finished with hammered brass cuffs bordering the polished brown horns which give way to black towards the tips.


About the Artist

Using genuine animal skulls as the raw form, Maria D’Souza combines design, color, and dimension to create one of a kind pieces. Her beaded animal skull art is unique in that she does not view the form of the skull as a canvas that she is bound to. She views it more as a frame to create within. She uses semi-precious and precious stones, seed beads, Bali silver, patina copper, exotic leathers, and other materials to create patterns of symmetry, depth, and motion. Continually striving to create pieces that have never been done before her art constantly reflects the use of new materials and artistic techniques.

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