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  • 619 Paper Clips
  • 619 Paper Clips

619 Paper Clips

Paul Schoettinger



Paper clips

36 x 32 x 5 in.


About the Artist

I have fun making art and I hope people feel that fun when they see my work.

I use acrylic paint to brighten up repurposed materials such as paper clips, bottle caps, bicycle inner tubes, automobile hubcaps, compact discs, aluminum foil, blank credit cards, picture frames and Play-Doh. I love finding new and dynamic ways to show off colors and color combinations.

Texture and dimensionality are also important to me. Whether it’s layers of thickly applied paint on a canvas, bent paper clips on a wall sculpture, or a piece of colored paper scrunched into a tiny dog, my work usually inhabits at least two and a half dimensions.

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