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  • Early October

Early October

Judy Hawkins


Oil on canvas

24 x 48 in.


About the Artist

My paintings are inspired by a passion for the landscape and the way light, color, and form come together to create a sense of place. Country drives with views of favorite marshes, fields and ever changing Vermont skies form paintings in my mind. I recall and interpret this sensual wealth in my studio using gestural brushwork and unexpected color. I continually learn something new whenever I put brush and color to canvas, each experience bringing a new perspective and vocabulary to my work. I exaggerate and loosely interpret color, conveying passion, excitement, and moments of calm. I begin a new painting at the top and work my way down, working quickly to establish mood through color and composition. I allow the paint, drips and accidental color combinations to guide my vision. Often, a serendipitous moment happens in the process, inspiring me to expand and explore new ideas.

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